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Another 7! 

3 days on the trot! Today’s 7 congratulations go to: Alan, Kelly, Mollie, Irmantas, Ben, Larnaca and Abbie

Well done to students and instructors for all working hard and some great results 🙂

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And another 7 gain their full licenses

Wow what a week so far, 7 passed Monday and a further 7 yesterday!

Tuesday’s congratulations go to Marius, Imogen, Manasses, Julia, Tom, Georgia and Alona. Well done to you all! 

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What a great day! 

That’s 7 people gained their full driving licences with us in one day yesterday (17th July 2017!) 

Congratulations to: Zeke, Tara, Rita, Alice, Aiden, Zara and David, well done to you all! Caroline 

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